Vinacomin has successfully implemented the activities on Scientific and Technological Development

Vinacomin has  successfully implemented the activities on Scientific and Technological Development - 

During the term 2015-2020, the Party Committee of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group (Vinacomin) has renovated and strongly promoted the scientific and technological development as application of mechanization, automation and computerization in the production and business activities. 

This is an important factor in reducing direct labor forces, increasing labor productivity, safety level, and especially in optimizing the operation process of equipment systems.

The investment in technological innovation with mechanization, automation and computerization for the pit mining and in large capacity equipment for open-cast mining has contributed to reducing the rate of resource loss in underground mining from 23.5% to 20% and in open-cast mining from 4.9% to 4,3%. At the same time the labor productivity has been increased.

Specifically, the labor productivity of the whole Group has been increased averagely by 12%/year exceeding 4-5%/year planed in Action Program No 8 dated August 08, 2016 of Vinacomin Party Committee.

The total number of Vinacomin labors has been reduced from 118 thousand in 2016 to 97.5 thousand in 2018 and to 96.5 thousand at present.

Along with the growth in production and business efficiency, the life of the Vinacomin employees is constantly improving and promoting.

The average salary of the whole group reached 12.7 million VND/person-month, increasing 36% in comparison with 9.3 million VND/person-month in the term beginning. For the pit workers, the average salary is 18 million dong/ month.

Notably, during the term, the number of miners with high incomes of over 300, 400 million / year strongly increased. The management organizations have paid attention to policies on insurance harmful regime.


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