Vinacomin has implemented the production and business plans in 2020

Vinacomin has implemented the production and business plans in 2020 - 

In the morning of December 26, in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group (Vinacomin) held a conference for deploying the production and  business plans and signing contracts to implement the plans in 2020.

Conference for deploying the production and business plans and signing contracts to implement the plans in 2020.

In 2019, Vinacomin speed up production and business with all targets to reach or exceed the plans such as: the raw coal output reached 40.5 million tons, equal to 101.3% of the year plan, increasing 9% in comparison with the output in 2018; coal import was 6.5 million tons, equal to 141% of the year plan; coal sale was 45 million tons, equal to 107% of the year plan and 108% of the coal sale in 2018... The production of alumina, electricity, industrial explosive materials, mechanical products… was stable and increased in comparison with the plan of 2018.

Regarding the financial targets, the turnover of the group estimates 132,000 billion VND equal to 103% of the year plan and 105% in comparison with the turnover of 2018; profit is expected over 4,000 billion equal to 133% of the year plan; contribution to the state budget is 18.4 thousand billion equal to 107% of the year plan and 110% in comparison with the one in 2018; the average salary of the group is 12.4 million VND/person month, increasing 9.1% to salary in 2018 (for coal production block is 13.4 million/person month increasing 10.2% to that in 2018) Vinacomin has set up the plan in 2020 with the general target “Safety- Innovation – Development” including the key goals as: the total turnover of the group will be 138 thousand billion VND, of which 80,643 billion from coal production; benefit -3,500 billion; average salary – 12.7 million; raw coal production – 40.5 million tons; coal import – 10.2 million tons; coal sale – 49 million tons; production of alumina – 1,300 tons, electricity – 9.8 billion kWh, industrial explosive material – 68,500 tons.

According to Mr. Dang Thanh Hai, the Vinacomin General Director, the results of the production and business of the group in 2019 increased by 14-15%, the highest rate in Vietnam's industry.

The General Director also assessed the outstanding achievements of Vinacomin in 2019, are as follow:

1/ Success in the model of both coal production and business; production and business grew at a high level, many targets such as raw coal production, coal sale, alumina and electricity production… reached a record from 2014 so far.

2/ Average income of the kiln worker high increased, reaching 1 million VND/workday, ahead the target set by the mid-term conference of Vinacomin Party Committee.

3 / Successfully issuing bonds with a value of 2,000 billion VND.

4/Completing the phase 1 of the center for coal processing and concentrated coal storehouse in Hon Gai region to replace Nam Cau Trang coal selection plant, which ceased operation from January 1, 2019.

5/Receiving 12 party grassroots organizations from the Party Committee of Hanoi Enterprise block to the Vinacomin Party Committee…

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