Vinacomin focuses to carry out the essential measures to complete the 2015-2020 goals

Vinacomin focuses to carry out the essential measures to complete the 2015-2020 goals - 

In order to successfully complete the productive and business goals in 2015-2020 period, outlined by the Second Congress of the Party Committee of Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), the leadership of the Corporation has proposed the five essential measures for its member-units to implement.

The First Congress of Party Committee of Vinacomin set a goal to develop Vinacomin into an industrial – commercial – financial - interdisciplinary businesses group, while the goal of the Second Congress is to maintain the role of Vinacomin as a strong economic group and the one of the 3 pillars in ensuring the national energy security. It is a change in the nature of the key contents on developing production and business of the Group.

In recent years, generally the labor productivity of the Group has been significantly improved, but still at a low rate in comparison with a number of the regional countries having the same industry and similar geological and technical conditions. This is the most considerable threat affecting the competitive capability of the products and a direct risk that could lead to a "market failure" of the Group.

The lack of synchronization between the energy development planning of the State and the socio-economic development plans of localities, often modifying and fluctuating the management policies of the State for the coal industry, especially policies related to taxes, fees, licenses... have negatively affected the sustainable development of the Group.

Therefore, to ensure successfully completing the objectives of Vinacomin in 2015 – 2020 period, the General Director Dang Thanh Hai asks all the member units of the Group to focus on implementing 5 following essential measures:

1. To manage natural resources as a source of capital associated with the sustainable investment and business development strategy by the ways as i) improving practical capacities on geological survey and exploration for coal and solid mineral seams at the depth from -300m down in Quang Ninh and Red river Delta regions, ii) speeding access and practical application of the geological data analysis method by the high reliability optimization models, making the reports on assessing coal and mineral reserves with the qualities suitable to the domestic and international standards, iii) studying test delivering at a flat rate the reserves of mineral resources within the mine business managerial system for improving the efficiency of managerial process, preventing loss and waste of coal and mineral resources.

2. To develop human resource of the Group on the basis of business philosophy of modern managerial model for both making benefits and developing a staff of faithful and creative mine employees (managers, senior administrators, experts and technical workers…) in all fields. It is a very key to create productivity and sustainable development of the Group.

3. To implement business managerial solutions by: i) restructuring business managerial mode of the Group in accordance with the principle to create all the comfortable conditions for member-units initiatively to make production and business with the advanced labor productivity, ii) continuing to improve the "socialization" solution by the public – private cooperation model with guaranteeing the interests of the Group and making an effective capital mobilizing market (a positive cash flow for the Group), iii) continuing to improve the mechanism of paying at a flat rate and managing the costs within the Group on the basis of the economic-technical norm system in combine with the methods of the cost structure analysis suitable to different geological and exploiting conditions, taking into count of synchronizing coal exploitation, transportation and waste dump in space and time for the mines in the region.

4. Regarding mining technology, the Group will continue to promote investment in construction, scientific development, technological innovation, modernization of production facilities, improvement of safety level, environmental protection and also guarantee progress of the projects that decide the growth rate of the Group in the fields to complete the plan in 2015-2020 period and prepare orient premises to 2030 as planned. In the short term, the Group, as priority, will focus to promote progress of pit coal mining projects.

Besides, the Group will take the measures for planning and optimal rehabilitation of the opencast coal mines of mining stop in 2015-2020 period in Hon Gai area, the bauxite mining lands in Lam Dong, Dak Nong and other mineral mining areas on the basis of guaranteeing conversion goal and creating the lands with a high social- economic value and consistent with the socio - economic development of the locality.

At present, distribution of coal and mineral resource reserve sources is trending towards more and more deep and complicated direction, that requires to unite currently exploited mines into the large mining systems. Coming time, Cao Son, Coc Sau and Deo Nai opencast mines should be successfully connected and then, a number of the pit mines will be selected for connection.

This fact requires to change the thought and methodology just from now in study, consultancy, design as well as management, mining operation and business on the basis of (resources) modeling and (mining) optimization by the space and time.

5. To develop and consolidate the cooperation relationships at home and abroad as: i) keeping the good relationships with domestic traditional large partners as Northeast Coal Corporation, EVN, PVN, Cement Corporation, Chemical Corporation... and other large customers on the basis of long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation, ii) keeping close relationships with the localities where Vinacomin executes production and business activities, especially in strategic areas as Quang Ninh, Lao Cai, Lam Dong, Dak Nong, Ha Tinh ... for setting a harmonious business environment with interests of community and locality, iii) maintaining and developing relationships with foreign partners as Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Australia ...with the aims not only to create commercial markets but also the markets for transferring advanced, modern knowledge and technologies over the would.

With a strong determination of the Group’ s Party Committee, confidence and strong support of party members, cadres, staffs and mining workers, Vinacomin will have enough power to neutralize threats and continue the sustainable development and orientation towards the greater goals.

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