Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation signed a comprehensive cooperation

Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation signed a comprehensive cooperation - 

On 12 September, in Hanoi, the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries holding Corporation (Vinacomin) and Northeast Corporation, Ministry of National Defense (MoND) signed a regulation on the coordination of the Coal Industry Development Planning in Vietnam to 2020, overlooking the prospect up to 2030.

The signing Ceremony between Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation (MoND) on a regulation of coordination of the Coal Industry Development Planning in Vietnam to 2020, overlooking the prospect up to 2030.

According to the Regulation on coordination, Vinacomin and the Northeast Corporation will cooperate in many fields in order to successfully implement the Vietnam coal industry development planning to 2020 with the prospect up to 2030. The cooperative fields are: coal exploration, exploitation and processing for increasing production to meet demand for coal of the economy in accordance with the Project of Coal Planning Development approved by the Government; information sharing; labour safety; calamity searching and rescuing; breakdown overcoming; environment protection in coal mining; mine boundaries protection and management; coal losses resistance; rational using infrastructure and available material substructure of each other; co-ordination in product business; cooperation in scientific, technical, technological application and training…

Mr. Le Minh Chuan, the Chairman of Member Council, holding General Director of Vinacomin emphasized, beside cooperation in many fields of coal production and business, Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation will continue comprehensive cooperation in implementing many other projects as minerals mining, electrical, chemical, mechanical manufacture ones... approved by the Government in many regions of the country. Both parties bring into play their strengths to work together for ensuring efficient production and business, and especially for the successful implementation of the Vietnam Coal Industry Development Planning Project approved by the Government...

Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuyen, the Chairman, holding General Director of Northeast Corporation said that, the Northeast Corporation has obtained the ability in coal mining and processing as strong as today, thanks to the sincere and fervent assistance of the generations of Vinacomin leaders. In this new stage, Northeast Corporation would like to continuously receive much attention, cooperation and sharing from the Vinacomin’s leaders in all the activities. Northeast Corporation commits to be side by side with Vinacomin in all the fields of the production, business and the life of the workers, cadres and soldiers...for general target to build the coal industry more and more growing.

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