Vinacomin accelerates to perform coal export contracts for reducing coal amount in stock

Vinacomin accelerates to perform coal export contracts for reducing coal amount in stock - 

Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) speeds up to perfrm the coal export contracts to rapidly release high-quality coal dust and lump coal in stock.

Vinacomin informed that in the first months of 2016, thanks to the favorable weather and stable electricity network for coal production, processing and sale, the group had a flexible management for transporting coal from Uong Bi, Mao Khe mines to the eastern area to mix it with import coal for sufficient meeting market demand, concretely as follows:

To the end of April, 2016, all the group produced 13.6 million tons of crude coal equal to 34.1% year plan (YP), sold 11.83 million tons of clean coal equal to 31% YP, implemented explosive drilling, loading and transporting 53.4 million cubic meters of land and rocks, equal to 31.3% YP, digging 77.188 meters of new pit, equal to 27.3% YP, in which 4.713 meters of basic construction pit

The mineral companies have produced: 16,973 tons of pure copper ore (35% YP), 4,063 tons of copper planks (37% YP), 2,535 tons of zinc bar (23% YP) and 175,013 tons of equivalent alumina.

Power generation and supply reached 2.9 billion kWh (32% YP), producing and selling 24, 230 tons of explosives (37% YP), producing 29,000 tons of ammonium nitrate, many mechanical products and implementing a lot of other services ...

Total turnover of Vinacomin in the first 4 months of 2016 estimated about VND 31,262 billion.

In the next months of 2016, Vinacomin will direct production companies to make products in accordance with market demand and downstream business companies to sell coal for Cement, Nitrogenous fertilizer and Power customers with an amount over the one signed in the contract by Vinacomin.

In May 2016, Vinacomin strives to produce 3 million tons and sell 3.3 million tons of coal, scoop up 19 million cubic meters of land and rock, dig 24 thousand meters of pits and make many other products ..

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