Vimico gains major benefits from science and technology

Vimico gains major benefits from science and technology - 

The application of science and technology into production has brought many practical gains for Vinacomin-Mining Corporation (Vimico).

Copper smelting at Lao Cai Copper Smelting Plant

In fact, the mining industry needs more S&T application to improve mining efficiency and protect natural mineral resources. Therefore, Vimico focused investment in S&T research and application at all stages, from mining to processing, to enhance product yield, reduce manufacturing costs, improve environmental protection and working conditions.

Specifically, Vimico selected rational diagrams for the exploitation of ore deposits of complex structure; used synchronous production line with high productivity and mobility, consistent with mining scale and technology to improve mining efficiency while protecting natural resources. For example, With pit mining, Vimico studied out pit prop alternative material and mechanized ore transport processes to prevent losses and ensure the safety of workers.

With deep processing determination, Vimico did invest in deep processing technology, improving value of mineral commodities. Until 2005, the majority of the mineral products of the corporation were consumed in the forms of raw ore or ore concentrate. In the last quarter of 2006, the corporation’s zinc plant in Thai Nguyen with annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes went into operation, marking the beginning of large scale deep processing stages.

Vimico continued to invest in copper sheet production in the Lao Cai Copper Smelting Plant with annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes. According to the roadmap, Cao Bang Cast Iron & Steel JSC will churn out first steel billets by the end of 2014, with annual capacity of 221,600 tonnes. Vimico also made energy audit and applied cost saving solutions to reduce energy use.

The company has successfully researched methods of dust filtration through a dust bag system, reducing dust handling costs while improving environmental protection surrounding production company is protected.

Vimico is undertaking three pilot projects related to completing the production line and technologies to recovered useful minerals during flotation tailings and sand slurry separation in Sin Quyen Copper Flotation Plant in Lao Cai; study of tin ore separation technology in Nghe Tinh Nonferrous Metal JSC; and copper anodes casting mold in replacement of cast iron molds in Lao Cai Copper Smelting Plant. These projects are expected to be completed and put into production this year, bring further economic benefits for Vimico, contributing to Vimico’s annual average growth rate of 31 percent during the 2011 - 2015 period./.

Source: VEN

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