To clear the main reasons affecting coal production

To clear the main reasons affecting coal production - 

Government office has informed the conclusion opinions of the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hoang Trung Hai on situation of implementing the adjusting project on Vietnam coal industry development planning to 2020 with outlook up to 2030.

The Vietnam coal industry development planning to 2020 with outlook up to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister at Decision No 60/QD-TTg dated 09/01/2012

(Planning 60) has contributed to raise the effect of the works for mining management, direction and protection of mineral resources of the country. After the three-year implementation, all the contents of the planning project basically were and are being developed rightly in accordance with planed orientation. However, in implementation process, there some issues to be adjusted for agreeing the actual situations.

For guaranteeing the quality of the adjusting the planning project, DPM Hai asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to direct Consulting Companies to carefully analyse the reasons and necessities to adjust the Planning Project 60, in which it needs to clear the main reasons affecting coal mining production as: exploring, investigating, assessing resources–reserves; crossing between coal industry development planning and socio-economic development, other field development planning in the area…

Besides, it is necessary to compare, value the reserves of coal mines by the levels as regulations for adjusting mining production agreeing coal resource distribution in order to meet the domestic coal need, especially for power generation by the best way, contributing to guarantee the energy security of the country

The domestic coal demand forecast must be combined with the adjusting project of Power Development Planning VII for supply-demand balancing by the coal types, mining regions and consumption areas…At the same time it needs to define importing demand for coal types, importing markets of feasibility coal resource.

It is also necessary to hold the workshops for comments from scientists to the adjusting project on coal development planning for perfecting the project and submitting it to Prime Minister for approving.

DPM also asked Vinacomin and Northeast Coal Corporation to carry out synchronous investment for coal exploration, exploitation, processing and supply; speed the mechanization process of pit mining; perfect and renew mechanism of the advanced management and administration agreeing the actual conditions; strengthen mobilizing the social resources for raising productive capability and business effect; promote the solutions for guaranteeing investment projects, especially the new pit mining ones to be developed in time.

In searching and exploring processes, for the coal perspective areas, it would be better to investigate deeper than -300m level for economizing the costs in future. For the difficult mining areas, where the domestic companies do not yet master the mining technologies, Vinacomin ought to take the initiative to call the foreign investment (joint venture, 100% foreign investment) with a permission of the competence levels; to consult the regional and international coal exploring and exploiting experiences and advanced technologies for applying them in actual conditions of Vietnam in order to use the coal resources most effectively.

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