The signs of coal market recovery

The signs of coal market recovery - 

Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding  Corporation (Vinacomin) has informed that in February and the first two months of 2018, the production and sale of coal and other products of Vinacomin are still implemented under plans; coal and alumina sale is a good situation; the order, security and mine boundaries protection activivities are guaranteed…  

In February, the Vinacomin member units produced and sold: 2.34 million tons and 2.81 million tons of crude coal (7.8% of the year plan), 785 million kWh of electricity, 3940 tons and 5500 tons of exploisive; sold 99,000 tons of alumina and equivalent hydrate, 4,000 tons of copper fine ore, 940 tons of copper sheets and 500 tons of zinc bars ...

The turnovers by selling products were: coal - 4,310 billion VND (7.7% of year plan - YP), minerals - 1,285 billion VND (7.8% YP), electricity - 972 billion VND (7.9% YP), mechanical goods - 149 billion VND (6.6% YP), explosive materials - 243 billion VND (5.5% YP) and others - 1,120 billion VND (5.1% YP).

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