The Regulations of Vinacomin on managing the Representative at the Enterprise

The Regulations of Vinacomin on managing the Representative at the Enterprise - 

Vinacomin issued the Regulations on managing the Representative at the Enterprise

According to the Regulations, the Representative of capital part of Vinanacomin is responsible for: representing Vinacomin to execute rights to vote and decide at a shareholders meeting of the joint-stock company or at the member council of the limited liability company with a capital contribution of Vinacomin by direction of Vinacomin;

Participating in Management Board with using the powers of the president of the company, chairman and members of the member council/management board, general director/director of the enterprise in accordance with its stipulations in the charter and internal status for managing enterprise to carry out the production and business plans, strategy and orientation assigned by Vinacomin; guaranteeing to comply Vincomin united management system and operation discipline.

The competences and responsibilities of the Vinacomin Representative: faithfully and carefully execute the competences and responsibilities assigned and authorized by Vinacomin; comply the stipulations of the law, charter of the enterprise and regulations of the owners; manage and keep confidential information and know-how of the enterprise accordingly to the stipulations of the laws; do not benefit by the assigned competence or misuse the position for obstructing production and business activities of the enterprise; do not appropriate property of the enterprise for self-interest; regularly control and supervise the activities of the enterprise and timely report to Vinacomin on the unusual activities and breach of the law and regulations of Vinacomin; take responsibility before the law and Vinacomin for implementing duties of representative of Vinacomin and his decisions at the enterprise.

The interests of Vinacomin representative: receive salaries, bonuses, remuneration and other profits corresponding with the working title at the enterprise accordingly to regulations of the State and Vinacomin; be trained, fostered by professional knowledge, provided with the information, policies, orientations and decisions of the Vinacomin.

Besides, the regulations also clearly stipulate correction scope, application objects, appointing and dismissing representatives; duties, competences and responsibilities, salaries, bonuses and remuneration for the Vinacomin representatives.

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