The 80th Anniversary of the Traditional Day of Coal Industry

The 80th Anniversary of the Traditional Day of Coal Industry - 

At November 11 evening, in Ha Long city Quang Ninh Provincial Administration, Vinacomin and Northeast Coal Corporation held the 80th Anniversary of  Traditional Day of Miners - Traditional Day of Coal Industry (12/11/1936 – 12/11/2016). Chairman of National Assembly (NA), Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan attended and spoke at the ceremony.

In his speech at the anniversary Mr. Nguyen Van Doc, Secretary of Communist Party Committee cum Chairman of People’s Council of Quang Ninh province showed: on this day 80 years ago, in Quang Ninh coal mining area, under leadership of Communist Party more than thirty thousand workers organized a historic general strike against the severe exploiting regime of mining employers and French colonialism. The strike was successful by the great strength of solidarity and discipline of the miners.

Mr. Doc expressed the honor and pride of Quang Ninh people on revolutionary tradition of Vietnam working class and emphasized that Quang Ninh province will co-ordinate with coal industry to make Quang Ninh more and more rich and strong.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan awards the Portrait of Uncle Ho for Coal Industry

Speaking at ceremony, NA Chairman expressed her happy on the successes achieved recently by Quang Ninh province and Coal Industry and emphasized a great progress of coal industry in over 20 years: since 1995 when Coal Corporation founding, coal production has been increased by 5-6 time, total turnover – by 43 times, average salary of labors – by 13 times. Vinacomin has preserved and developed the state capital, increased equity by 40.4 times and contributed to the state budged averagely more than VND13,000 billion per year. In 2015, the total turnover of coal industry reached about VND107,000 billion. About 125,000 labors, of which 95,000 Quang Ninh citizens have jobs and stable lives.

NA chairman asked leaderships of Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation to pay attention to: raise spirit of discipline and solidarity among miners; promote application of modern science and technologies for increasing labor productivity, decreasing costs and ensuring labor safety…; strengthen coordinating activities between Vinacomin, Northeast Corporation and Quang Ninh province with a motto: province and coal as the one to highly bring into play potential and resources for comprehensive economic development, social security guarantee in the province…

Mr. Le Minh Chuan, Vinacomin Chairman

On behalf of leadership, staffs and workers of coal industry, Mr. Le Minh Chuan, Vinacomin Chairman expressed thanks to the leaderships of Party, State, Quang Ninh province and concerned organizations for good conditions for development of coal industry; and sincere gratitude to the former leaders of coal industry through the periods. Mr. Chuan also hoped to continuously get assistance and cooperation from levels and sectors for building coal industry to become one of the solid backbones of energy security for the whole country.

On this occasion, leaders of Quang Ninh province and Vinacomin have received a vestige of historic national level “ Uncle Ho visit to Deo Nai Coal Mine” and a commendation flag from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

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