Six key tasks of Vinacomin in the new situation

Six key tasks of Vinacomin in the new situation - 

In recent ten years (2007-2017), since foundation date, the Party Committee of Vinacomin has promoted the spirit of initiative and creativity in leading, directing and organizing to successfully carry out all the assigned tasks.

The Group has gradually implemented investment in extending, incresing the capacity of existing mines and developing the new ones, and in the main production and business spheres in order to create dynamic for development and through it to take an important part in guaranteing energy security, economic growth and social welfare of the country.

If in 2007 coal production and sales of the group were 43.1 million tons and 41.7 million tons then in 2012 these figures reached 48.28 million tons (increasing 20% vs 2007) and 44.7 million tons (up 7% vs 2007).

In 2012 -2017 period, in spite of rising domestic demand but due to inadequacies in tariffs, fees and management of the coal market, the group had to adjust its production according to market hepennings. Therefore, in 2016 coal production decreased to 34.5 million tons and sales – 35 million tons (for domestic market was 34.7 million tons by 198% compared to 2007 and for export was only 0.7 million tons decreasing 98% compared to 2007).

In brief, in 2007 -2017 Vinacomin has produced 421.49 million tons and selled 392.2 million tons of clean coal. Besides, the group also invested to develop the mineral industries as cooper, lead, zinc alumin, iron and electricity… production. The total turnover of the group has increased from 38,404 billion in 2007 to 101,500 billion VND in 2016.

At the recent Vinacomin Party Congress, the leadership of the group has forcused on six key tasks as follow:

Firstly, to successfully implement the coal industry reconstructure project in 2016-2020 period.

Secondly, to strengthen leadership in implementing production and business tasks in 2016 -2020 period with the goal to ensure sufficient coal supply for domestic customers which Vinacomin has signed commitment with. To drasticly direct deploying activities on labor safety, environmental protection and guaranteeing rate of progress for the key projects .

Thirdly, to synchronizely deploy the 6 concentrating tasks stated in ‘Action program for implementing the 12th National Party Congress resolution’.

Fourly, to well Build up the staff of cadres with good moral qualities and abilities, especially at strategic level to meet development cause of the group.

Fively, to improve effect and effectiveness of inspection and supervision of Party Organizations for the activities of the units in the Group.

Sixly, to continue petitions to concerning organizations and agencies at central and local levels for facilitating to remove the difficulties and obstacles in mechanism and policy for the Group to effectively implement the Coal – Mineral Industry Sustainable Development Strategy in 2016 – 2020 period approved by the Government Prime Minister.

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