Seven key targets of Vinaconin in 2018

Seven key targets of Vinaconin in 2018 - 

In 2018, with a general object as "Safety - Innovation - Development" in 2018, Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited  (Vinacomin) will continue to operate the production in accordance with the market demand, rationally invest in sustainable development of coal, minerals, power, other industrial sector and as well as the appropriate support services; effectively implement the Sector Restructuring Project with a focus on technical restructure and technological innovation, etc…

According to the report of Vinacomin, the total turnover of the group in 2017 reached VND 107,000 billion, an increse of 6.1% compared to 2016, of which from coal production was 53,600 billion. Profit for 2017 is expected to reach 2,000 billion, an increase of 1,000 billion compared to 2016. Contribution to the budget is 13,400 billion, up 400 billion compared to 2016.

In 2017, Vinacomin completed the divestment of 5 subsidiaries, 6 associates, and transferred 2 foreign investment projects. The total value of the capital divestment is 2,009 billion. The group also completed conversing 10 single member coal prodution companies limited into a subsidiary directly under the parent company - Vinacomin. Thus, from 47 subsidiaries after the organization restructure, today Vinacomin has only 4 subsidiaries with 100% chartered capital and 5 administrative units.

According to the plan in 2018, Vinacomin will produce about 35.36 million tons of raw coal, including 12.9 million tons of open mining and 22.22 million tons of pit mining...In 2018, the group expects to import about 500,000 tons of coal.

In 2018, Vinacomin also strive to promote coal sale with reducing inventory coal to 08 million tons (down over 2 million tons compared to 2017).

In order to accomplish this production and business plan, in 2018 Vinacomin will focus to effectively implement the following seven targets:

1/ Implementing the Vinacomin restructuring project with ensuring the plan, schedule and objectives of the project.

2/ Organizing to carry out the economic-technical norms in the spirit of "Transparency - Equality - Efficiency - Compliance with laws".

3/ Overcoming the shortcomings in 2017; enhancìng the role of the leader in all activities.

4/ All the political system from the group to the member units must take part in every activity from the first day, first month. The party committee and the head of the party committee must become a leadership nuclear of the production and business activities. Resolutely not to let violations in cadre work.

5/ Trade unions and mass organizations closely cooperate with specialized agencies to implement resolutions and directives of the Party Committees, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board to fulfill the tasks of the plan.

6/ To pay attention and effectively direct the improvement of the working conditions and the life of officials, employees and laborers for creating a safe, friendly and harmonious working environment in Vinacomin.

7/ Continuing to improve the image of Vinacomin with the ministries, agencies, localities and partners…

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