Seminar on introducing imported coal to Vinacomin’s customers

Seminar on introducing imported coal to Vinacomin’s customers - 

On Nov 26, in Hanoi, Vinacomin and Marubeni co-organized a seminar on introducing imported coal to Vinacomin’s customers.

whole of the Seminar on introducing imported coal to Vinacomin’s customers.

Vinacomin is the largest coal producer in Vietnam, accounting for over 80% of total coal production. Most of this coal is to supply the domestic households, a small part is to exports to traditional partners, mainly used for the steel industry in Japan and Europe. However, with domestic demand for coal is increasing, expected in 2015, Vinacomin will import about 500,000 tonnes of coal all kinds from Russia, South Africa, Australia. According to the task assigned to Vinacomin by the Government, in the coming years, coal imports will rise sharply, from 0.5 million tonnes in 2015, 1.5 - 2 million tons in 2016, 10 million tonnes in 2020 is around to meet over 50% of total coal import demand in Vietnam.

There were many speeches at the seminar, such as presentations on anthracite coal market and energy market of Mr. Yuichi Hosokai, Assistant Chief of Marubeni Coal, presentation on demand - supply of coal in Vietnam's market of Mr. Dinh Quang Trung, Head Vinacomin Coal Trading Division, presentation on imported coal for cement households in Vietnam of Mr. Kiyoshi Shimoide, STA cement projects of Marubeni...

Vinacomin’s President and CEO Dang Thanh Hai said, the knowledge exchanged at the seminar today not only bring practical benefits in developing the strategic direction for the coal business, ensuring stable sources and long-term supply to factories in Vietnam but also help Vinacomin and business partners can shorten the time-to-market with the world's coal, avoiding business risks in processing and blending charcoal.

With his determination, Vinacomin pledged to go together with the domestic electricity, cement factories to ensure a stable coal resource. Not only sufficient quantities, Vinacomin is ready to invite consultants in engineering, technology in use imported coal to advise clients…

Source: Vinacomin

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