Rising executive capability of Cam Pha Coal Port

Rising executive capability of Cam Pha  Coal Port - 

Cam Pha Port (including coal harbors and the coal Transport-Store Company), Vinacomin to place a target to concentrate on rising executive capability for successful fulfilling 2015 plan.

Vinacomin has assigned Cam Pha Coal Port a very heavy business and finance task in 2015 as:

- To store and transport nearly 30 million ton of coal (increasing more than 4 million ton over the 2014 plan), among which 22 million ton for domestic market and 1 million ton for export; 9.8 million ton passing the main harbor and over 13 million ton passing the petty ones.

- To transport by waterways 1.23 million ton and load 0.44 million ton.

- To transport by automobiles with a 44,322,000 T/km total production, of which mainly for coal transportation and about 515,000 T/km for water transportation.

The total turnover in 2015 of the Cam Pha harbor expects to reach VND 37 thousand billion, from which 36.8 thousand billion for coal business and 130 billion for other ones; 68 billion for waterway transportation and loading and 14.5 billion for port business services.

The profit of the Cam Pha port expects to reach 933 billion and an average income - 7 million/person/month.

In order to fulfill the tasks in 2015, beside the duty of rising executive capability of coal business, the company also has the commitments: to reduce the waiting time of ships when receiving coal; ensure the quantity and quality of coal for customers; reduce coal wastage in the process of delivering and receiving, transportation, loading, and the difference between the weight and margin of the water.

For achieving the above targets the company will raise more the sense of initiative in executing and coordinating implementation of the coal trading agreements as planned; organize and resolve harmoniously the relationship with the coal mining companies for better product delivery at the mine storehouses, closely control the quantity and quality of coal delivering to customers, comply with disciplines for coal business and handle well the relationship with customers as regulations, do not disturb when carrying out the procedures during coal delivering process.

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