Resolving the problems on overlapping in coal mining areas

Resolving the problems on overlapping in coal mining areas - 

The Government Office has just announced the conclusions of Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung at the meeting on the production and business situation of Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin). In announcement there is a notice that in recent time, Vinacomin tried the best to perform tasks in the investigation, evaluation, exploration, exploitation and processing of coal to meet the majority of coal demand in the country, especially coal supply for power generation to contribute to requirements on national energy security, life stabilization of the labors and revenue payment to state budget.

However, since the moment of carrying out the Vietnam Coal Industry Development Planning to 2020 with prospects up to 2030 (Adjusted Plan 403), there many difficulties have been appeared in exploring and mining coal in areas overlapping with the forest land and local construction investment projects which affect coal supply and create the risk of coal shortage in the coming period, especially from 2020 to 2030.

In order to solve problems and create conditions for Vinacomin to implement the planned targets in the coming years, the Deputy Prime Minister requested the ministries: Natural Resources and Environment, Industry and Trade, Construction, Agriculture and Rural Development, and relevant agencies to consider and study to solve the difficulties in coal areas under the Planning development 403 overlapping with the plans of the provinces having coal resources and with the forest land areas in implementing exploring, exploiting and processing coal to ensure harmonic interests between businesses and localities.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment urgently to guide Vinacomin to carry out the procedures for licensing exploration, exploitation, extend the mining licenses to shorten the licensing time for Vinacomin promptly to deploy the works in accordance with the assigned tasks.

The National Mineral Reserve Evaluation Council as early as possibly to receive and appraise the geological reports as a basis for establishing the projects formulation. In particular, focusing on reviewing and licensing new projects with a large capacity such as Khe Cham II and IV mines, Mao Khe mine in -150m, ... in order to mobilize the output of the projects soon. To extend the expired mining licenses for the projects under Planning Development 403 for ensuring maximally exploiting coal reserves to avoid resource losses in accordance with the Mineral Law and to guarantee the continuous production of Vinacomin.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade as the main responsible person, in coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee and Vinacomin to propose the solving problems to fully exploit the remaining coal reserves within the boundary of existing open-cast mines instead of the time limit in accordance with the Planning Development 403, especially open-cast mines in Ha Long City, Nui Beo, Ha Lam and Hon Gai Companies...

The State Capital Management Committee in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to direct Vinacomin to make a plan for expanding coal market and importing coal to meet the demand of socio-economic development of the country, especially to supply coal for power plants.

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