MOIT issues the Circular on drift coal management

MOIT issues the Circular on drift coal management - 

Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has issued the Circular on drifting coal management including activities to collect, trade drift coal and regulation of quantity, quality and prices of drift coal.

The drift coal is the coal eroded and swept by the rain and flood from showings, mining areas, dumps, storages, entrepots...beyond the management and protection boundry of Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation subsidiaries, that collected by the bodies.

Vietnamese standard coal is the coal reaching the standard quality by a state competence agency, basic standard coal is the coal reaching the standard quality issued by Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation.

Collecting bodies are the organizations, personal collecting drift coal. Purchasing units are the units under Vinacomin subsidiaries.

The principles for drift coal management:

Except a drift coal part for direct demand of the collecting bodies (if any), all of the rest amount must be sold directly for purchasing units.

The drift coal purchase is non- benefit activity, it is mainly for a purport to reduce coal resource loss and contribute to prevent illegal coal business situation.

About the amount, quality and prices of drifting coal:

The amount and quality of drift coal is defined on bassic of agreements between the collecting body and purchasing unit, based on the coal quality standard according to Vietnamese Standards and Basic Standards. In case, two sides can not agree, it is to use equipment and means of inspection agency, recognized by a competency agency.

Drift coal purchase prices are the prices are the prices (excluding VT) Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation built for domestic customers suitable with each coal type according to Vietnamese Standard and Basic Standards respectively, after eliminating costs and taxes Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation have to pay as stipulated.

The responsibility of Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation:

To select suitable units and subsidiaries to purchase drift coal and announce them on public media in localities.

To direct purchase units to hold well purchasing activities, create favorable conditions for drift coal collecting bodies, arrange temporary coal storage grounds, equip enough equipment and means for evaluating coal amount and quality, periodically hold coal purchase (a time for 05, 10 or 15 days…) in accordance with concrete situation.

To Announce publically drift coal prices at purchase points, monitor drift coal business and this business should be entered in the accounts of Vinacomin and Northeast Corporation.

To check, modify and add the internal regulations and stipulations in order to prevent, strictly and throughly settle colluding acts for selling coal in the name of drift coal.

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