Labour safety in coal mining maintained

Labour safety in coal mining maintained - 

Coal mining activities, especially in pits, have always involved a high risk of labour accidents. Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Holding Corporation Limited -Vinacomin - has always directed its companies to implement measures to maintain labour safety.

The positioning systems in pits helps identify the exact location of each worker and minimize labour accidents

Khe Cham Coal company, under Vinacomin, is exploiting coal in pits at a depth of 160 to 225m. below sea level. It uses modern equipment and new initiatives to reduce labour accidents during production. In detail, the company has installed positioning systems in pits to identify the exact location of each worker.

Thus, it can locate problem cases, and effect rescues, in the shortest time. Khe Cham, and many other companies under Vinacomin also apply a variety of safety measures, which contributie to increasing productivity.

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