Innovating technology to protect the environment

Innovating technology to protect the environment - 

Quang Ninh coal mines have been applied coal exploitation technology towards using large capacity equipment and designing new dumps in the stratified form, greatly contributing to reducing environmental pollution.

Coal is one of Quang Ninh Province’s most important mineral resources. Coal mining has significantly contributed to the country’s GDP growth over the past 50 years. However, almost all coal mines have been applied backward technology to exploit coal, negatively impacting on land and water resources.

To overcome limitations, in recent times, local businesses have paid special attention to innovating technology and investing in machinery and equipment. Experts have highly appreciated the use of large capacity equipment such as hydraulic augers with a diameter of 160mm, hydraulic excavators with a tank capacity of up to 15cu.m, large trucks with loading capacity of 55-60 tonnes and 90-110 tonnes and tractors. These equipments are consistent with coal mines’ scale and conditions in the province. In addition, Quang Ninh coal mines have been applied new exploitation technology, contributing to reducing production costs and minimizing negative impacts on the ecological environment.

Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) representative said that in addition to using large capacity equipment as a solution to reduce dust density and toxic gas emissions in coal mines, local businesses have also interested in dealing with the dump and wastewater system. Almost all open-cast coal mines have been applied the outside dump system, negatively impacting on the environment. Therefore, Vinacomin has changed a design to use new dumps in the stratified form. A new design was applied in dumps such as V.7, 8 Ha Tu, Nga Hai, Chinh Bac-Nui Beo, Nam Lo Phong-Ha Tu and Khe Re-Coc Sau.

In terms of the wastewater treatment system, Quang Ninh coal mines have been applied modern technology from chemical and physical methods to mechanical filtration. Ha Rang, Ha Khanh, +260 and +320 Dong Vong, +41 Lo Tri, +131 Trang Khe and Khe Cham wastewater treatment systems under the first generation were applied mechanical filtration technology. In addition, Coc Sau, Vang Danh and Mao Khe wastewater treatment systems under the second generation were applied sloping sedimentation technology.

Thanks to new technology, Quang Ninh coal mines have increased output from 20-30 percent compared to older technology. In addition, it has significantly contributed to reducing environmental pollution and occupational diseases for workers. The new technology is expected to be widely applied in coal mining, contributing to bringing greater economic efficiency and protecting the environment for businesses and the society.

Source: VEN

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