Efficiently mechanized underground coal mining

Efficiently mechanized underground coal mining - 

Khe Cham Coal JSC was the first affiliate to Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) making intensive investment in mechanized pit coal mining activities, significantly raising efficiency and ensuring safety.

Khe Cham Coal JSC’s mining output and working safety have been increased significantly since its investment.

Increasing mining production while ensuring safety for workers is most important for any coal mining companies and the company's application of synchronous mechanized mining system is very necessary.

Seeing that, the Khe Cham Coal JSC installed a VND54 billion synchronous mechanized pit mining system with annual designed capacity of 400,000 tonnes, which was considered as the most modern in 2005. “The system helped improves productivity a lot, reaching 5,000 tonnes per day, while ensuring safety for miners, without any incidents of people since 2008,” said Khe Cham Coal JSC’s Deputy Party Secretary Nguyen Xuan Quat.

To strengthen the control of risk factors, reduce manual labor, improve the safety factor for miners, the company with Vinacomin’s support decided to invest in mobile hydraulic frame technology in 2010; and deployed several new investment projects such as mine gas monitoring system and automatic vent system in 2011.

The company’s mining output and working safety have been increased significantly since its investment. In July 2013 the company completed and put into use the centralized work location monitoring system able to identify the location of each worker. Currently, every pit worker for the company is equipped with a locator card to determine the exact work location for rescue when incidents happen. Also in last year, the company installed a VND40 billion lightweight truss system in the longwall mining pit 13.1-3, seam 13.1.

The Khe Cham JSC’s proper investment has yielded in a double success, improving mining productivity while ensuring safety for miners.

Source: VEN

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