Automatic methane monitoring system successfully manufactured

Automatic methane monitoring system successfully manufactured - 

The successful fabrication of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for safety in underground coal mining, also known as the automatic methane monitoring system, has saved up to VND2 billion in import costs.

The automatic methane monitoring system will help early warning fires and explosions in coal mining.

This achievement resulted from a project conducted by Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Vietnam Research Institute of Electronics, Informatics and Automation (VIELINA). Vietnam Economic News’ Reporter interviewed Project Leader Dr. Nguyen The Truyen around the success.

The automatic methane monitoring system has been successfully applied in many countries across the world. What about the project in Vietnam?

A number of underground mine fires and explosions caused by methane gas have occurred in Vietnam in recent years, causing severe damages. To minimize this type of accident and ensure safety for workers, VIELINA has registered with the state to the implementation of the SCADA System for Safety in Underground Coal Mining project.

Although this technology has been successfully applied by some countries, costs are very high, and there are some difficulties in compatibility when applied to Vietnam. Consequently, VIELINA decided to implement the project with continual funding support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and enthusiasm of Vinacomin workers and leaders.

What are the outstanding features of the Vietnam made SCADA system?

Currently, there are two common concentrated mine gas monitoring system developed by Poland and Japan installed in mines in Vietnam. The VND5 billion Polish system, installed in 1999 with one control center and 40 monitoring points, is outdated. Meanwhile, the Japanese costlier system was installed in 2003 with one control center and 48 monitoring points, four CO monitoring points, and two wind speed monitoring points.

VIELINA’s product can compare to the Japanese alternative in terms of advanced technology but is about a half or one third the cost. Moreover, VIELINA’s product is easier to use thanks to simple installation, Vietnamese software, customized user needs, and better after-sales service.

How effective is the project?

VIELINA’s product include many advantages such as lower initial capital investment, maintenance cost, and repair compare to imported alternatives. Moreover, VIELINA ensures the system to continuously operate without a halt and can fix any breakdown very fast.

Currently, VIELINA has provide SCADA for underground coal mines such as Khe Cham Coal Company, Hon Gai Coal Company, Ha Long Coal Company, Uong Bi coal Company, Thang Long Coal Company, Coal Company 618, and the Mine Rescue Center. VIELINA’s products have been highly appreciated in terms of technology and cost.

The project also help VIELINA improve its staff capacity for further undertaking state-level works in specialized fields such as special oil and gas, and chemicals.

Source: VEN

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