Assigning duties for Vinacomin’ Leadership members

Assigning duties for  Vinacomin’ Leadership members - 

General Director of the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) has signed a decision on  assigning duties for Vinacomin’ leadership members as follows:

General Director Dang Thanh Hai: To carry out the rights and duties of the legal representative of Vinacomin, execute daily activities of Vinacomin, execute business coordinative plans of the Group and it’s companies in accordance with functions, duties and jurisdiction regulated in the Charter on the Organization and Operation of the Vinacomin, as well as with the resolutions and decisions of the Vinacomin’s Member Council.

Directly steer the development strategies and long-term production and business plans of Vinacomin and the subsidiaries; balance resources for sustainable development of the group including natural, human, capital and other resources; undertake the works of the cadres organization and management, foreign affairs and international relations, import and export of coal - minerals;

The Chairman of emulation and commendation Council, Head of the Anti-corruption and Practical Saving and Waste Combat Board, Deputy of the innovation and business development Board, Head of the business and Production efficiency Improvement Directing Board, Head of the Mechanization Directing Board in underground mining of Vinacomin.

Deputy General Director Nguyen Van Bien: Is the Permanent Deputy General Director, in charge of the economic management, human resources and general trade. On behalf of the General Director to manage the Group’ tasks during his absence long day at work, except the staff organization task and promulgate management regulations, important documents with nature-oriented or related to the adjustment of whole Group.

General management the inspections, prevention and unti- corruption, wast. Direct to directly solve complaints and denunciations outside the Quang Ninh area. To assist the General Director in directing the coal imports, investment cooperation with foreign partners and international business.

The spokesman of the Group; Directly to guide communication, press meeting organization; Directing the internal affairs, expenditure for operation of the Group Office (including production operating centers, representative offices in domestic and foreign).

To assist General Director in managing of the funds: Investment Development; support, business arrangement; Labour structure innovation; Training; Health; reward; public; Welfare; salary reserve fund;

Responsible for departments: Office, Personel organization, Planning, International, Legislation, meterials and commerce, coal trading, Supervisory (audit part). General managing of the departments: Accounting, Finance.

Deputy General Director Nguyen Ngoc Co: in charge of operating of coal production, labour safety – hygiene and protection. Director of the Coal Production Operating Center in Quang Ninh.

Coordinates with the Deputy General Directors in directing production and business activities of the Group in Quang Ninh; Assists General Director in managing the focused mine emergency fund.

Responsible for departments: coal production, security, protection inspection, coal trading (…preparation part ).

Deputy General Director Nguyen Anh Tuan: in charge of sectors as minerals production, metallurgy, electricity, chemicals, building materials and resource management (under minerals and chemical, electricity and resource departments); assists General Director in managing coal – minerals exploration Fund

Deputy General Director Khuat Manh Thang: in charge of the sectors as general investment (directly responsible for development investing coal mining and infrastructure projects), science and technology, development strategy, information and technology; () (under Investment, Information and Development Strategy Science and Technology, Mining Science and Technology (Mine Construction part) Departments); assists General Director in managing Science and Technology Fund.

Deputy General Director Vu Anh Tuan: in charge of managing science and technology in coal production (excluding Red river Delta coal); executes mechanical industry; is the Deputy Director of the Operating Center for Coal production in Quang Ninh province; Responsible for departments: Mining Science and Technology, Electromechanical and Transport, Investment (infrastructure and land parts in Quang Ninh).

Deputy General Director Ngo Hoang Ngan: is Secretary of Quang Ninh Coal Party Committee and responsible for the environmental work, emulating, social, community relations, culture, sports and military activities; is the chief of the Military Steering Committee of the Group and Deputy Director of the Operating Center for Coal Production in Quang Ninh; assists General Director in managing Coal - Minerals Environmental Fund; Responsible for departments: Environmental, Group Office (culture and sports fields), Personal Organization (emulating and social activities), Inspection and Guard (military field).

Chief Accountant Le Quang Dung: To perform the functions, duties and authorities of the Chief Accountant of the Group in accordance with the Laws and the Charter, the Management regulations of the Group. To directly steer the profession of and manage the Accounting and Finance Departments.

The Decision takes effect from June 1st, 2015 and replaces all the documents relating the previously issued decisions on the assignment or adjustment of the duties of Vinacomin leadership members.

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