Announcing the Adjustment Project for Vietnam Coal Industry Development Planning

Announcing the Adjustment Project for Vietnam Coal Industry Development Planning - 

On Aug 31, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) announced the adjustment project for Vietnam Coal Industry Development Planning to 2020 with the perspective up to 2030.

According to the adjustment project, the total investment for the Vietnam coal industry up to 2030 is about VND 269,000 billion (the average of about VND 17,930 billion/year), among which over VND 95,000 billion in 2016 - 2020 (the average of over VND19,000 billion/year) and more than VND 172,000 billion in 2021-2030 period (the average of VND17,000 billion/year). The investment mainly concentrates on new, renovating and extending projects… arranged by equity capital, commercial, preferential loans and capital mobilized through the stock channels, etc ...

According to the project: For Dong Bac (Northeast) coal basin the exploratory work will be completed to the level of -300m and below -300m in several areas by the end of 2020, and basically completed to the bottom level by the end of 2025 for designing mines in 2021-2030 period and after 2030 as well.

For Song Hong (Red River) coal basin, the exploratory work will be completed in Nam Thinh and a part of Nam Phu II mine (Tien Hai district, Thai Binh province) before 2020. Based on the experiment an extending exploratory work will be implemented for foundation to develop the coal mines with an industrial scale and reasonable technology.

Regarding coal mining, the project plans: the commercial coal production is around 41-44 million tons in 2016, 47-50 million tons in 2020, 51-54 million tons in 2025 and 55-57 million tons in 2030.

Vietnam Coal Industry strives to reduce the coal losses rate by about 20% to 2020 and below 20% after 2020 for pit mining coal, and about 5% to 2020 and below 5% after 2020 for open mining coal...

MoIT informs, up today, the total coal reserves and resources of Vietnam is about 48.88 billion tons (including 2.26 billion tons of reserves and 46.62 billion tons of resources), among which the total coal amount mobilized into this planning project is about 3.05 billion tons (including 1.22 billion tons of reserves and 1.83 billion tons of resources).

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