Accelerating mechanization for pit coal mining

Accelerating mechanization for pit coal mining - 

In his conclusion speech at the meeting for summing up 2014 plan and deploying 2015 tasks of Vietnam national Coal – Mineral Industries Holding Corporation (Vinacomin), Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai requested Vinacomin to speed up technological innovation, study to accelerate mechanization pit coal mining, perfect and innovate management mechanism, strengthen the mobilization of social resources...

With the aim to enhance the production capacity, business efficiency and ensure timely implementation of investment projects, especially the projects for developing new pit coal mines in order to meet the coal demand of the country, Vinacomin needs to study and carefully prepare the procedures for timely developing the projects; continue to review the mechanisms and policies with the specific characteristics for the tasks assigned by the state, as soon as possibly to submit the suggestions to the Prime Minister for approval. The ministries and related agencies to coordinate to guide, propose appropriate mechanisms and policies, especially the mechanisms and policies with specific characteristics to ensure effective business and investment, stable production and successful completion of the plan in 2015.

Vinacomin has to continue and further strengthen the environmental protection in mining and processing minerals, especially in mining coal and bauxite and producing alumina in accordance with the regulations for ensuring sustainable development.

Deputy Prime Minister also asked Vinacomin to pay attention for training human resources to meet the need of the short and long term; concern to ensure the livelihood of labors; continue to execute synchronous and more drastic measures on business of the labor safety, minimize labor accidents and major incidents. Vinacomin should co-ordinate with the Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee to study a social dwelling program to stabilize housing for workers in the Quang Ninh province.

Ensuring the progress of the important projects

The Tan Rai and Nhan Cơ projects for alumina production are two important projects deciding development of the aluminum industry in Vietnam, hence, Vinacomin needs to focus directing these projects to be fulfilled in time with the socio-economic efficiency and environmental protection guarantee for meeting the trust to a new industry. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen activities of propaganda and explanation for creating a consensus from top to down of the authority levels and the people.

Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to accelerate licensing coal and mineral exploration and exploitation, especially for timely implementing the pilot project of mining coal in Red river Delta in accordance with the progressive. In the process of implementation, if there will be any difficulties or problems, ministries, Vinacomin need to report to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision.

In 2014, the production and business activities of the Vinacomin were effective and profitable; the economic targets - sustainable; the growth rate of mechanical sector - 13%; the other economic targets had been reached and exceed the plan.

Beside the achieved successes there were still some shortcomings as the labor safety business, and application of new technologies; progress of implementation of investment projects of basic construction; resources authorizing business management... that's the challenges requiring Vinacomin to take the more strong and drastic measures to overcome.

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